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Speaks Hauling & Equipment LLC is a transportation and logistics company located in Laurens, SC. The main products we haul with our trucks include: but are not limited to general freight, containers from our state’s ports, and flatbeds with a growing niche in fertilizer, salt, and sand. 

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Who We Are

About Us

Our owner started as an apprentice at his father’s trucking company and learned the skills necessary to be a leader in the trucking, transportation, and logistics space. After graduating from Presbyterian College with a bachelor’s in business administration and economics, our owner dreamed of opening up his own trucking business one day. That vision started after completing a CDL program at Centura College in Columbia, South Carolina. From there, one freight truck turned into multiple. Today, we continue to grow, providing numerous opportunities for owner-operators, class-A CDL drivers, brokers, and dispatchers.

Our vision is to innovate and automate the transportation and logistics industry. Our mission is to haul safely from point A to point B.

“Daily Freight for Daily Life” – L. Deon Speaks, CEO

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At Speaks Hauling and Equipment, we value our drivers so much. We understand how home time is essential to our drivers and their family, so our focus is to emphasize creating dense freight lanes that allow our drivers to have more daily or weekly home options.



Our Services

Speaks Hauling is a privately held minority-owned business hauling through all 48 states and delivering freight safely and on time. We help shippers, brokers, & manufacturers with regional and short-haul deliveries. As we continue to grow, the capacity for drop trailers for dedicated accounts will allow us to be a logistics leader in the Midlands area. Our company exists to serve our state’s growing logistics demand.

Safe & On Time

Safe and on time delivery of product is our primary focus. We are confident we can achieve any logistical task at a high level with our top-notch staff and cutting-edge transportation technology.

Wide Service Range

  • Long haul delivery
  • Short haul delivery
  • Expedited delivery
  • Dispatching

Modern Equipments

  • Most up-to-date semi’s
  • Automatic features
  • Air ride
  • Latest TMS technology


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